Snacks and Beverages


Metric Size or WeightApprox Imperial Equivalent
125 g1/4 pound
250 g1/2 pound
500 g1 pound
750 ml26 oz
1 L1 quart
2 L1/2 gallon

Snacks & Beverages

In addition to potato chips and soda pop we have hot coffee, fresh sushi and pizza by the slice.

Potato Chips (specify type in box)
Tortilla Chips
Nacho Flavoured Chips
Puff Cheesies
Chip Dip (specify type in box)
Salsa Dip
Roasted Peanuts
Mixed Nuts
Crackers (specify type in box)
Chocolate Bars (specify type in box)
Soda Pop - 8 Pack Cans(specify type)
Soda Pop - 2 L Bottle(specify type)
Orange Juice 1L
Apple Juice 1L
Cranberry Juice 1.89L
Bottled Water 1.5L
Sparkling Water 750ml
Herbal Tea
Instant Coffee
Ground Coffee 300g
Hot Chocolate Mix
6 Pack Beer(specify type in box)
750 ml Red Wine
750 ml White Wine

Order Groceries Before you Go

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