Dairy and Deli Meats


Metric Size or WeightApprox Imperial Equivalent
125 g1/4 pound
250 g1/2 pound
500 g1 pound
750 ml26 oz
1 L1 quart
2 L1/2 gallon

Dairy & Deli Meats

Visit our grocery store for the following dairy and deli items:

Homo Milk 1L
2% Milk 1L
1% Milk 1L
Skim Milk 1L
Plain Yogurt 700g
Fruit Yogurt 175g
Coffee Cream 500g
Whipping Cream
Sour Cream 250g
Cottage Cheese 250g
Salted Butter 250g
Margarine 500g
Eggs 1 dozen
Grated Parmesan 250g
Block Cheddar 227g
Shredded Cheddar 220g
Process Slices 250g
Shredded Mozza 220g
Feta 250g
Swiss 250g
Camembert 125g
Cream Cheese (specify type in box)
Bacon 250g
Sliced Ham 175g
Sliced Turkey 100g
Sliced Roast Beef 175g
Beef Jerky
Salmon Jerky
Sliced Smoked Salmon Lox 100g
Wild Pacific Salmon Pate 175g
Lasagna 1kg Frozen
Boneless Chicken Breast Frozen
Lean Ground Beef 500g Frozen

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